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Headshots Info Guidelines & Pricing

Today headshots are more important then ever. In the past they were mainly used by actors, models and sometimes business people. Now headshots are ubiquitous. While they are still critical for actors and models they are necessary for all forms of social media, email profiles, annual reports, websites and business cards.

But headshots are more than just a portrait; they present you to the world in a specific way. Sometimes you play a role in business that is different from your personal life. A headshot that is taken with your camera phone against your living room wall doesn't say much about how serious you are about your career or busines.

Before we begin shooting, we’ll talk about the various types of shots you want (commercial, TV/film, stage, business etc.) and the “type” you want to convey. The goal is to capture that perfect moment when your eyes, body language and inner self converge into an expressive, compelling picture that has SPARK.

As an actor your photo is very different for a dramatic actor versus a comedic actor. As a business person, for example, a realtor's photo can be very different too. Are you a realtor of exclusively million dollars homes or more traditional $200k homes. The way you present yourself can be very different. What does your profile photo say about you on your FB, Twitter or LinkedIn page? Are you an accountant with a photo from the family picnic. Is it a photo from a party where you are cutting someone out of the photo? It's an old saying but a valid one. “You don't have a second chance at a good first impression”


Headshot Guidelines:

I will not always be the lowest price, but I get the job done right the first time. You will get images that have personality, warmth, and most importantly, the quality you need!

And if for any reason the images don't work the first time I offer a free re-shoot. It's rare that anyone uses it but it's nice to know the option is there.

You may or may not have that much experience in front of the camera. No matter what your level of experience is, I will guide you, putting you at ease, and coaxing your personality to the light!

I am confident knowing that you will leave your session having had a positive experience.


Business: What do you want to project to a prospective customer? What does your clothing say? Are you more of a strict business professional or a man or woman of the people? Are you an accountant or a mechanic? A CEO or a small business owner. Your headshot can say many things about you even if it isn't who you are in your personal life.

Actors: There are many types of actors, dramatic, comedic, musical theater, opera, ballet ect. And they will all have a different bias in their headshots. A great headshot should say something in your eyes and be expressive. You can still have a very versatile image that you can take to any audition but it's good to have a direction in the photograph.

General HS Guidelines: Please make sure your clothing is in excellent condition with no stains, pulls, missing buttons, wrinkles and they fit well. Try everything on before the photo session to double check.

Stay away from pure black or pure white and busy patterns around your face. Textures are great and think about how the blouse or shirt frames your face. Your make-up should be done before you arrive unless you are having it done at the studio. I do have make-up artists available. It is a good idea to bring make-up and hair products to help fine tune the image. Please don't allow a make-up artist to apply heavy make-up because “Your photographer will love it”. If you have questions please call or we can schedule an appointment to go over wardrobe and make-up.

Free re-shoot if the images don't fit your needs.


Basic: 1 look in studio headshot inc 1 retouched full res file $95.00

Two Look: On location/studio headshot inc 2 retouched full res files $175.00

Group Pricing: Please contact me about photographs taken at your office or place of business.