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About me:

With over 20 years of experience I can bring a depth of knowledge to your photography that someone that just picked up a digital camera a few years ago can't match. Some newer photographer's call themselves “natural light” photographers. Is that because they truly understand natural light or because they don't have the technical expertise to use anything else? I like to say I am an “available light” photographer because I will use any light that is available. I can create images with one flash unit or a dozen; I have photographed subjects with a combination of hot lights and flashes and with lights I have designed myself. I can create an amazing photograph in any situation using a variety of light sources because I have years of technical experience.

Photographing people has always been a wonderful challenge for me since each person is so different. Something all the time pushes me to always do more and more to capture the real essence of a person; to bring a calmness to the chaos of life in a photograph.

As an experienced headshot photographer, glamour photographer and fashion photographer for over 20 years, my unique style and talent create extraordinary actor headshots, business headshots and modeling portfolios. Please view the different galleries to see samples of headshots, fashion photography and business portraits.

I will engage you and direct you not “pose” you. I’m after images that show you full of life, no vacant stares. You’ve definitely found the right photographer if you don’t like to pose for the camera! My goal is to help you succeed. I want to create an image to help you market yourself or your product effectively.

If you have a real photographic challenge or a very avant-garde idea let me know. I LOVE a challenge!

I have photographed in the Virgin Islands, Cancun, Jamaica, Eastern Europe and all over the US. I love to travel and will give special rates to interesting jobs in fun places.